In Tune With The Masters Of Creation

“When you´ve got some momentum going, so that you are up to speed with those artists, those masters of creation, and you allow yourself to be the receiver of their impulses,

When you allow the great masters to paint THROUGH you, to sculpt through you, to live through you in that moment,

And that thrill that you feel, that certainty that you feel, that confidence that you feel, that clarity that you feel-that´s what co-creating with source-energy feels like!

And it´s different than saying “Source, help me do this”!

It´s “Source, do this with me!”

And we want you to feel the appreciation that source feels in your ALLOWING of the doing!

So, don´t misunderstand, we´re with you ALL THE TIME.

When you have your tools in your hand and allow all of this energy to flow WITH you,

to have the experience of the creation WITH you-you see, this is what we meant when we say, “We are all in this together”.

Yes, you benefit! Yes, we benefit.

And when you feel that clarity, that´s us, KNOWING!

When you feel that sureness, that´s us- when you feel that joy, that´s us, reveling!

When you feel that enthusiasm, that´s US; you see!

That´s us- meaning, the nonphysical part of you, and ALL OF US, hanging around…

You should see the parties we have, when you are in your flow!

Abraham Hicks

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