The Stream

“Imagine taking your canoe down to the rivers edge, a very nice fast moving stream and your oars or paddles are already attached to your boat, and you put it in the water and your deliberately turn it upstream and begin paddling very hard, against this fast moving current.

And we say…… “Why not just turn and go with the flow”.

And our human friends invariably say….”Doesn’t that seem lazy. Thats seems lazy.”

And then they will say …..” My mother would not approve of that. Or my teachers. They all had me pointing the other way. In fact every plaque on my wall was based on paddling upstream….. And I was measured against the others who did it too. And the better we did it. The better we were able to fight that current, the more proud our human friends were of us and the bigger the trophies and monuments and we hear that when you die there are even more.”

And we want you to know something, in fact it’s worth writing this down….“Nothing that you want is upstream.” – Abraham Hicks

Watch the full video below

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*Image by Jay Mantri on Pixabay.*

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2 thoughts on “The Stream

  1. What is it that I want ?

    And I’m pretty sure I’m having to walk my canoe over the rocks and slip and cut my feet along the way

    But when it’s smooth it’s awesome !!

    Now for the pow wow

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