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“Are you afraid of your point of attraction? We are asking you. Are you? Are you afraid to stand out too much?

Prosperity is going to be yours! Can you deal with it?

And everybody in the world isn’t gonna be prosperous, like you are.

YOU are! Are you gonna be alright with that? Or are you gonna make stuff up ….

“Oh, I was just lucky.” Or …. “Oh, I suffered and struggled for a really long time, before my goodness came.”

Or will you accept it, and embrace it, and acknowledge it, and tell everyone then, where it came from …. “Yah, I discovered the power of non-resisted thought.”

“What do you mean?”

“I started reaching for thoughts that felt better, until I just sorta got hooked on. And then I did something really powerful. I quieted my mind completely. It was the only way I could really stop the resistance. And then, when the new thoughts where coming, they where pure, and they where powerful. And they where love, and they where clarity, and they where IMPULSE! And then, ideas started to flow. And timing started to happen. I started being in right place, at the right time!”

Are you ready to deal with that? People aren’t gonna like you much! You’re gonna stick out. You’re gonna look weird.

You are a pure positive energy beings, who came forth into this physical bodies under what you knew where ideal situations and conditions.

You knew that your environment would inspire you to personal, new intentions. And you knew that the energy that creates worlds would back you up. And you knew that your Inner Being would focus upon the desire part of it, not the absence of the desire part of it, and if you payed attention to the way of what you FEEL, you would KNOW where you are. 

You knew that you could do this.”  Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫

Do you sometimes think that you may be blocking, consciously or subconsciously, the natural good and abundance that should be flowing easily and effortlessly to you ?

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*Image by David Mark on Pixabay*

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