True Leadership Quote – Abraham Hicks

True Leadership

” To be charismatic, or attractive, or have this leadership-thing, you can’t have contradiction in your vibration.

So- leaders have an idea that they don´t beat the opposite drum of, all the time.

A leader is usually really in harmony with his idea, and that makes him the leader: 

In his purity -by purity we mean clarity of his idea and not always thinking the opposite of it, he has very strong attraction power. 

And so he brings people to him who- in some way- match the idea.

And often, the leader brings others around him, that are equal in their desire, but often not equal in their belief. 

And that´s why you call him the leader.

He is the one that is most often pure. 

He is stubbornly attached to the idea and will not join in with the naysayers or the worriers.”

– Abraham Hicks


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