You Live in a State of Grace

“Creation isn’t forcing or commanding something into existence. It’s more of a rolling over, a good stretch, blissing out, lying on the grass watching the flowers blowing in the breeze or the clouds floating by. You live in a state of grace. You forget that when you feel good, only good things can come to you. It’s just a … Read more

It’s All For You

“Don’t you love knowing that it’s all for you? Doesn’t it feel good to be in that spotlight? Don’t you like being in that spotlight where everything that is occurring in your experience is a reflection of what you are doing vibrationally, what you are doing emotionally, how you are tending to your own point of attraction. You’re … Read more

The Answer is Always The Same

“So the answer is always the same. Soften, if you can, the resistance, which is responsible for the split energy. So we would say things to ourself such as, ‘Everything in good time,’ and, ‘All is well,’ and, ‘I don’t have to do it this red-hot minute.’ Esther says to herself, ‘Later, gator, later, gator,’ meaning, ‘maybe I’ll think … Read more

Just Let Go

“People try to make something “better” happen – they turn upstream. They say, “I’m going to set a goal” – they turn and go upstream, because there’s something in the attitude of trying, that always makes you turn against the current. It’s something very different when you just let go: You call it surrendering. We don’t call … Read more

You Don’t Have To Force It

“Every time you feel like you should make something happen… just replace it with: “Oh, what I really want to do, is just allow things to happen.” And then enhance it even further: “At their own pace. In their own time. Right on the schedule that has been laid out. With nothing to do with me. … Read more

Soothe Yourself

“In time you’ll discover that you can soothe yourself, and when you’ve discovered that you can soothe yourself, now you’ve got the key to everything. Because soothing yourself is releasing resistance. Soothing yourself is practicing the art of allowing. And every time you change the way you feel the slightest little bit, the slightest little soothing shifts you … Read more

You Are Ready To Receive

“You ARE ready to receive – IF you´d stop thinking so hard, and working so hard, and stop trying so hard, and stop talking so much and stop acting so much and responding so much! IF YOU CHILL! If you´ll meditate! If you´ll get a massage! If you´ll take a long shower. If you´ll take a walk in … Read more

Your Work is To Chill

“People often think, that if they have got their sights on something, that they must find a way to think about that thing, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that, think about that. And reign it in, as a fish on a line. It´s … Read more

Let Go and Let God

“And so we want you to understand that this is not about effort! Effort is what you have to apply when there is resistance. In absence of resistance there is a really big decrease in effort, in absence of struggle. That’s why so many people coin phrases like, “let go and let God.” Because when you … Read more