Give In To The Success of Your Dream

“You have to give in, to your desire. You have to give in to your desire. You can´t let what is- in all it´s frivolous, inaccurate, temporary indicators- you can´t let THAT hold you from your alignment! You GOT TO GO WITH YOUR DESIRE to feel good. Why would you give up on something that matters so much? … Read more

Free “Manifestation Miracle” Webinar Replay

Today I want to show you a really absurd, but extremely effective “Manifestation Formula.” It’s a free webinar replay from our friend and Manifestation Expert Heather Matthews. No opt-in or anything. The replay will just play here. In it Heather talks about her amazing Destiny Tuning Principle. This is the missing piece that Heather says … Read more

Manifestation of Emotion Comes First

“Manifestation of EMOTION first, and then – more detailed manifestations, following that. What we´re showing you, is how worlds are created. We´re showing you how you are the creator of your own reality.” – Abraham Hicks   Running this law of attraction site we see so many people that have this whole “manifestation” thing a bit backwards. … Read more

Don’t Overthink It

“There is a tendency to -just flat out- overthink all of this. If  you just could sit in a comfortable place and just watch the waves washing in and out. And in your quiet observation of the evidence of wellbeing that beautiful scene WOULD tune you – if you stay there long enough to allow it – to tune to … Read more

This is the time to relax and let go

“THIS is the time to relax and let go. You see, most people think that the answer is to take this negative situation and SOLVE it. Take that negative problem, and solve it. Take that negative thought- and turn it into a positive thought – that´s sort of the trend that most people are thinking, and what we … Read more

You Don’t Find The Path, The Path Finds You

“You don’t find the path, the path finds you. It’s an inspired path, it’s not a motivated path. The path will find you, but you gotta stay in that general place, you gotta be in that place, you’ve got to highlight within you what matters to you: ‘I like freedom and I like fun, and I like inspiration … Read more

It’s Natural For You To Prosper

“That highflying state is NATURAL! That´s naturally who you will be, UNLESS you are doing something to hold the cork under the water. It matters to know that! Because, you don´t have to run around, trying to find things to feel good about. Just stop looking for things to feel bad about! That REALLY IS THE SOLUTION! The … Read more