Seeing Numbers ?

“The universe is knocking itself out to give you evidence of your alignment.

There’s a lot of opportunity for numbers to line up but there’s much more opportunity for numbers not to line up.

So when numbers really start lining up for you on a regular basis, it’s a very powerful indication that you’ve released a lot of resistance and that you’re more in alignment that not you see.

11:11 – it´s the most alignment, that a clock can show you.

If you like numbers lining up, you’re gonna like it when your lovers come, you’re gonna like it when your fortunes come, you’re gonna like it when your clarity comes, you’re gonna like it when everything that you’ve been reaching it for just gives itself to you in perfect timing.

Alignment, Alignment, Alignment, Alignment.

Alignment is the order of the Universe.

Expansion in alignment is the order of the Universe.

Your path is more well-lighted than you have been allowing yourself to realize.” – Abraham Hicks

Do certain numbers follow you everywhere ?

From a law of attraction perspective repeating numbers can be hidden patterns and messages from the universe.

I love it when I see repeating numbers throughout the day.

“Oh it’s 2:22, 3:33, 4:44”

I always check in with myself and think..

“Oh , I’m feeling good, this is evidence I’m in alignment.”

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