Manifestation Matters

“We also want to remind you that the reason you want to be out here on the leading edge, in this physical body is because this is the juicy part. This is the part where you get to WITNESS good ideas turning into good things.

It’s nice to love someone, it’s nice to feel the feeling of love, but isn’t it even more wonderful to be with WITH that person that you’re loving and exchanging life experiences.

It’s nice to THINK about feelings of prosperity but don’t you really enjoy even more going to that place on the other side of the world that you’ve always wanted to see? Isn’t it fun to take your own pictures of it? And have your own experience in it rather than just thinking about what might be.

So manifestation MATTERS. You came for manifestation.

You came to birth desires.

And we wanna say to you, that in the birthing of the desire, you have birthed a manifestation!

But again- you don´t wanna hear that.
You don´t wanna dream about the car, you want the car.
You don´t wanna dream of more prosperous times, you want the money- and you want it NOW.

But if we could convince you, that if you just would go with the feeling of it, if you would stop taking score of what hasn’t filled in – it will fill in!”

We are not trying to distract you from the real-life-stuff!

We´re not trying to get you to not want the car or the tactile things. Or the lover, or the touch.

We´re not wanting to take you away from that, because, in fact – THIS is the leading edge of all of that manifestation!

This WONDERFUL life in which you live, which WE ALL ARE!

You came as spiritual beings into a world, that will show itself to you in the fullest of spiritual sense through the physical tactile things that you find delicious around you!

 You’re creators. You didn’t come here to sit on a cloud and just OM!

That was not your plan.

You came into the details of all of this delicious beauty, in all of this delicious leading-edge representation of vibration.



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