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Thomas PaylorMy name is Thomas Paylor and I have been making a full time living from my Internet business for the last 10 years. I have tried many different forms of Internet Marketing in this time and have gained a wealth of knowledge in different areas of the industry.

I started my own website design business when I was 20 years old, using the spare room at my parent’s house. I had no qualifications in website design but used the Internet to self-teach myself the basics. I saved a bit of money from my part time job while at University and placed an advert for website design services in our local Yellow Pages. I was soon working the business full-time and within a few years, I moved into my first office. As the business grew I learnt how to outsource work to various parts of the world and I started to employ people locally to work on the mechanics of the business. That business is still alive and kicking today and although the service offering has changed, I still work with a handful of clients from those early days, helping them grow their own businesses through the power of internet marketing.

Over the last 10 years, along with running my service-led business, I have tried several other business models such as MLM, Affiliate Marketing, Direct Selling and Ecommerce websites sourcing products from the Far East. I have enjoyed mixed success, with certain business models suiting me more than others.

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Although I understand the power of MLM, the businesses model was not for me. I’m just not the recruiter type and I never had the passion for constantly keeping my team motivated. All the training on offer from the network company I was involved in was very dated and I knew I wasn’t suited to “selling the dream” to people who would have no realistic chance of achieving a decent level of success. I decided MLM wasn’t for me and moved on.

I enjoyed some success through selling a very niche product, which was sourced from China. This product was sold via my website and also on eBay, but the process of selling a physical product online, storing stock, shipping, and general logistics was becoming too time consuming. The more I invested into the logistics the lower the profit margins. It just wasn’t a long-term business I wanted to pursue, as the product was so niche and the market very small. I still sell the product today but as an affiliate, it’s now a completely hands off business which generates a few extra $$ a month but I don’t have to deal direct with the customer and instead I get a small commission for each affiliate sale I make.

Niche website marketing is where I enjoyed the most success outside of my service-led website design business. Using my website design skills, I created a series of “niche” websites which earned revenue from affiliate marketing, direct advertising sales and Google Adsense. Some of these websites are still going strong today, earning a passive income on a monthly basis.

I’m still creating niche sites when I find the inspiration and although the process has changed over the years, I still love crafting websites on topics that I’m passionate about.

My Internet business offers me the freedom to work and travel. I have enjoyed visiting many great places over the last 10 years while working on my business. It’s hard work, very hard work at times, but the reward is certainly worth the effort. I enjoy the freedom of choosing my hours, where I work from and which projects I work on. It’s a truly great way to earn a living. I’ve partied in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, visited the Great Pyramid of Giza, snowboarded in some of the most beautiful regions of the Alps and chased the Northern Lights through Lapland (although I haven’t been lucky enough to see them yet). An Internet business really can offer you the chance to live life on your own terms.

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