Law of Attraction Music

Law of Attraction Music

Is there such a thing as Law of Attraction music that can give us a shortcut to feeling good and putting us in a state of receiving and allowing?

Well as Abraham-Hicks one of our favourite law of attraction teachers, say “Music is an easy way to get to where you want to be.

“In your physical environment where you are interpreting vibration through your physical sense, the most resonant vibration is that of sound.

When you realise that every songwriter, every music maker has a relationship with their vortex and if you are in the vortex and soaring with someone then you must know that they were in the vortex when they created it and you are rendezvousing on that very, very deep level with them.” – Abraham Hicks

Below I have added a fantastic playlist from Youtube that I use every day to help raise my vibrations.

Again it features Abraham-Hicks and it is a set of tracks with some high vibrational music mixed with law of attraction affirmations.

Just hit play and relax, I guarantee your mood will improve 🙂

My Personal Law of Attraction Music Playlist

I have also added for fun a playlist of my own personal favourite feel good music tracks that I listen to pretty much every day.

It’s probably not your traditional set of tracks but this is my personal playlist of favourite dance tunes that always make me feel good when I listen to them.

I’m a bit of  a house music fan  ✅ 🎧




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