Just Go For The Emotion – Abraham Hicks

Just Go For The Emotion

“As you are acknowledging that there is something, that´s gonna have to happen – between where you are in the absence of a manifestation that you want – and the presence of a manifestation -you know that something is gonna CHANGE in order to be there.

Something that you were looking to BE there, something that you want to experience.

And so there is a tendency to want to take the ACTION to make it happen.

And if you can resist the temptation to take the action and wait until the alignment is SO COMPLETE that the impulse is so unquestionable, than as you follow those impulses which are powerful – and you have the benefit of seeing the evidence – then you are liberated.

Then you finally GET it.

You´ll finally understand, what we have been meaning all along – as we have been saying:

There isn´t ANYTHING that you can´t be, do or have.


If this time-space-reality has the wherewithal to inspire a desire in you – this time-space-reality has the wherewithal to fill in your grid with the details, you see.

But the key is to not freaking out in the absence of the details!

That really is the key.

So – just go for the emotion! Never mind the manifestation, it´ll come!

Just go for the emotion! Never mind the manifestation, it´ll come.”

– Abraham Hicks

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