Just Chill

“So when we say to you, “be as general as you can be”, what we’re really saying is, be as general as you can be because when you’re specific, you’re usually vibrationally out-of-whack.

But when you be general then you’re less likely to be vibrationally out-of-whack and then the specifics will occur to you. So the specifics are going to come to you as inspiration. It’s not your job to identify the specifics. It’s your job to allow the specifics…..

Who you are and what you want is very well known and is already a state of vibrational beingness.

But you can’t conceive of all of that. . . .

Don’t try to “catch up.”

Just chill.

Just get into that place, and let the ideas come to you in the natural way that they do, and the specifics will fill themselves in.” – Abraham Hicks


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