Are Your Daily Habits Killing Your Chance For Success ?

Do you have any daily habits that are killing your chances for success ?

As you know some habits are constructive and will move you towards your goals and dreams….

And some are destructive and will move you away from your goals and dreams.

So the question is “What do you do to develop some new empowering habits” and “What do you do to let go of the habits that don’t serve you ?”

In today’s video, the seventh video in John’s powerful “Innercise” series, he’ll show you exactly that.

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For the last 30 years John has relied on the latest discoveries in neuroscience, cognitive behavioral psychology and technology to retrain his brain to greatly reduce feeling like he wasn’t smart or good enough to succeed in life.

He’s built 5 multimillion dollar companies to $4.5 Billion in yearly sales.

He believes that everyone has the ability, and deserves the opportunity to, totally love their life and fulfill their highest potential.

Through his company NeuroGym and his amazing free “Brain-A-Thon” training, tens of thousands of individuals now retrain their brain so they can achieve financial freedom and the life of their dreams.

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You’ll learn:

– Why your brain holds the secret of financial freedom

– Mindset shifts that can double or triple your income

– How to release the negative thoughts you have about money

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  1. Oh. I am definitely doing something to interrupt a certain bad habit that I have as soon as I get home from work. Thank you, so much, for this innercise. I can already tell that it is going to help me, a lot.

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