How Do You Know Who Is Right For You ?

“You have within you an Inner Being that’s lived thousands of lifetimes, who’s come to a place of knowing,

and that is present or absent within your every experience based upon what you are thinking or your perception of it.

And so, if you find someone and that one is evoking within you a sense of love, a sense of passion, a sense of wanting, and you are evoking it in the other..

We say enjoy the connectedness that your Inner Being is applauding, for that’s what passion is, that’s what that feeling of exuberance is, that’s what that is all about.

That is your Inner Being jumping up and down saying “YES, this is appropriate Unto This Moment!”

And go forth into your relationships not from a guarded, protective stance,

and not from the stance that the rule is inappropriate, and I must find the approval of society in order to feel good.

Seek not the approval of society.

Nor the approval of your mother.

Seek not the approval of anyone!

Seek the connection with your Own Inner Being,

and let the presence or the absence of your Inner Being be your guiding star.

And you will always be in the right place, under any and all conditions.”Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


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