Find “The Essence Of It”

“We are not trying to distract you from the real-life-stuff!

We’re not trying to get you to not want the car or the tactile things.

Or the lover, or the touch.

We’re not wanting to take you away from that, because, in fact – THIS is the leading edge of all of that manifestation!

This WONDERFUL life in which you live, which WE ALL ARE!

You came as spiritual beings into a world,  that will show itself to you in the fullest of spiritual sense through the physical tactile things that you find delicious around you!

But you must understand that the having of an experience comes after you vibrationally achieve the essence of it.

The essence of it is the vibration of it.

The experience of it, is the manifestation of it.

So the essence of it is finding the feeling place of it.

So when we say find the feeling place of a relationship, sometimes people go to work on imagining the relationship and all it does, is make them feel more lonely in their moment which is not getting the job done.

What you are wanting to do is pay attention to way you feel and watch for the evidence of things, that feel like the essence of what you want.

Because when you feel that, you are locked onto your signal.

Which sometimes means change the subject.

Which sometimes means watch a couple in a restaurant.

Which sometimes means remember your favorite part in a movie you watched.

Which sometimes means turn on the television and rendezvous with something that causes that to resonate within you.

Which sometimes means remembering a little piece of a relationship that you had ten years ago.

Which sometimes means going to your fantasy.

Which sometimes means just enjoying the pizza you are eating right now – and the perfection of your life, that’s happening altogether apart from that specific subject.

You could pet your cat and bring your partner in!

You just CAN’T focus upon the ABSENCE of your partner – and bring your partner in.”  Abraham Hicks  🙏 🌏 ❤️


There are so many beliefs that we pick up along our paths that we are discovering are unhelpful to us …

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“No pain, no gain.”

“You haven’t paid your dues.”

“You have to outwork the rest.”

But what if “abundance”…

Was already your “natural state.”

In other words, what if you didn’t have to go on some kind of complicated and frustrating search to find the secret to “unlock” abundance?

Check out this video from our friends at The Wealth Compass.

It will show you how a simple piece of audio technology, piped through your headphones, can cut through all the clutter , and offer a direct shortcut to your natural and deserved state of abundance and prosperity.

Watch the video here.



*Image by jplenio on Pixabay*

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