Everything Is About Vibration

“Do you believe us when we say that everything that has been created is about vibration?

We know that’s hard to take, We know that you are so good at moving stuff around with your physical being that you think that THAT is accomplishing.

We want to put a new descriptive or meaning on the word accomplish. We want to say accomplish means:

Let’s accomplish vibrational alignment.
Let’s accomplish vibrational sameness.
Let’s accomplish the closing of the gap.
Let’s accomplish basking in the dream of this vision.
Let’s accomplish feeling good about something already done.

Let’s accomplish happy anticipation in watching the universe bring things into being.
Let’s accomplish a releasing of awareness in how long it’s taking.
Let’s make accomplishing about energy and thought and feeling, and get it out of the realm of activity, action or doing.

Accomplish THAT!

 What you want to do is talk about your accomplishment in past tense.

Think about it…..

If your looking for a lover, speak about your lover as someone already attracted, or financial abundance, speak of it as having been accomplished in the way that YOU mean it, in the physical sense – speak of it, until you feel it, and when you feel it, you’ve LINED up with it – and when you line up with it- it comes.”Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


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*Image by Gerd Altmann  on Pixabay*



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