Play The Game

 “Can we convince you somehow, that if you play the game, where you focus in a way that you feel satisfaction or pleasure, that you ARE opening the gates, the valve, whatever you wanna call it. So that the impulses and ideas will begin flowing to you- that will lead you to the abundance that … Read more

Pay Attention

“Pay attention to what´s going on, around you. Source is using every conceivable, possible messenger to confirm and accentuate things, that are important to you. You keep thinking that the Universe is just now wising up and starting to give you better paths. The paths have been there all along! You’re just now in the … Read more

You Are A Creator

“If you’ve taken the time to conjure the emotional manifestation in that TEN MINUTES that we’re talking about, and you allow this coupling, this blending, this complete merging with this powerful point of attraction…. Doesn’t it make perfect sense to you that the details are going to fill in for you and FILL IN FOR YOU FAST. Because you … Read more