Be General Until You Gain Stability

“I’ve been trying to move to California, and I’m not gonna tell the story about how I’ve fought it and felt desperate about it. So when I dropped that and started loving where I am and accepting that everything started to move and it’s just been great. And as things opened up and a great possibility came up, some things happened that made it less great and I’m wondering if it’s what I did or ??”

“It’s always what you’re doing, but more important, you’re doing it now.

More important, you’re doing it now !!

So let’s tell this story differently…..

“So Abraham, I’m wanting to move to California” we’re going to replicate what you said in an exaggerated way and show what we would do in an exaggerated way.

And we’re going  to speak the vibration that you were presenting whether the words were there or not.

“Abraham, I’m living in a place I really don’t want to be.”

Was the first vibration we felt very powerfully.

“I’m living in a place I really don’t want to be and I’ve found a place I do want to be.”

Now “found another place that I do want to be“ feels like a positive statement” but it wasn’t the dominant vibration.

Can you feel that ? - Abraham Hicks

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