Are You On The Path To Your “Ultimate Life Success” ?

“There is a path of least resistance that, when you get on the vibe of it, it lights up, and that’s not effort. It’s alignment.

Any time you’re feeling satisfaction, you’re on the right path. When you get that feeling of satisfaction, or that feeling of exhilaration, or elation, that feeling of wanting something; that feeling of wanting something. Those feelings mean that you’re in the right vibration, and that the path is opening. And it’s just gonna get clearer and clearer, and easier and easier for you to see.

When you’re in the vibrational wavelength of something wanted, and you’ve practiced the momentum of it until the path of least resistance is really flowing, you’ll realise it.

And that’s what that satisfaction factor is. It’s a realization that you’re, in this moment, right here right now, on the right path. On the right vibe. On the right thought.” – Abraham Hicks


Sometimes with all the noise and crazyness of everyday life it can be difficult to know if the path we are on is the right one for us.

It can be hard to see the word for the trees.

But it’s comforting to know that we do have that emotional guidance system that you can always check in with.

And it won’t deceive you.

If it feels good. It is.

If it feels right. It is.

If it feels bad. It is.

If it feels off. It is.

Trust your gut.

Trust your intuition.

It’s a tool.

For you.

And it works.

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