Alignment Beats Everything

“What could be more productive than being in alignment?

Alignment trumps EVERYTHING!

One who is in alignment with that broader perspective, is more powerful than millions who are not!

That´s where ALL of your leverage is!

That´s where your divine ideas are received by you!

They are always being revealed to you, but you are not always in the receptive mode!

So, when you take the time to let yourself have a walk in freedom, and when you give yourself the opportunity to bask in the beauty of nature, when you get outside and breathe the air, that longer than we have even time to explain to you, source has been focusing into the perfection that you now get to taste in your mouth!

When the perfection of every moment in time is KNOWN by the source within you, and you allow yourself to take a peek of that…..

THAT is the most productive thing you could EVER DO.”  – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


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*Image by Marlene Bitzer on Pixabay*


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