Aligning With Abundance and your “Veritable Fortune”




We are all affected day to day by how well we are attracting or resisting it’s flow in our lives.

Below is a great video from our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham-Hicks all about financial abundance and allowing our “veritable fortune.”

If you would like some more hands on help with allowing your abundance our friend Riley Dayne is holding a live training session happening this Thursday and you’re invited!

This FREE training event is called “Beyond The Abundance Factor” and Riley is interviewing 4 amazing Abundance Masters who are going to reveal their secrets, tools and techniques to unlocking abundance in your life now.

Go here for all the details

Time: Thursday April 12th @ 5:00pm PT
Where: Your Desktop/Laptop
Who: Riley Dayne & 4 Amazing Guests!

This LIVE event will go deeper into the powerful principles revealed in his movie “The Abundance Factor!” However, its a one-time ONLY event, so make sure you reserve your seat while you can 🙂

Go here to register now!

Here’s what you’ll discover:

SECRET #1: Acclaimed Mindset Expert, John Assaraf, will reveal the secret to reprogramming your brain for success by using a scientifically proven, *mind-enhancing* technique called an “innercise” (which is like exercise for your mind)…so you can finally create the success you’ve always dreamed of!

SECRET #2: World renowned speaker, Mary Morrissey, will show you the art & science of dream building and walk you through a powerful phycological trick that you can apply right away to instantly remove any negative or limiting thoughts holding you back from abundance!

SECRET #3: Personal Development master, Natalie Ledwell, will reveal the 6 Keys to allow the law of attraction to consistently work for you… if you’ve had some success attracting your desires here and there, but you want to constantly attract your dreams on demand, you won’t want to miss this!

SECRET #4: Best-selling author, Sonia Ricotti, will walk you through the 3 step process to bounce back when life knocks you down! So, no matter what pain or struggle you’re going through in your life right now, Sonia will show you how to climb back towards the light and rebuild yourself stronger than ever before!

And so much more!

Go here to reserve your spot now



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