Get Comfy

"If you’ll play with us a little bit, and you all are ready to do this.

You’ve heard enough, you know enough, you’re practiced enough, you’re ready to jump into this process.

Begin - Set the intention to be particular attention to the comfort, we’re using that vibration and Esther’s finding that word deliberately.

The comfort of the conversation that you are having in your own mind. 

In other words, do you find yourself pondering things that are not comfortable? 

Something that you witnessed that you wish you hadn’t seen that you just can’t quite get out of your head? 

It just makes you uneasy to think about it. 

Well, that’s not a good thing to ponder. 

Just start noticing the comfort. 

Don’t try to control your thoughts, just begin noticing the comfort of the thought. 

Just so that you can show yourself that some thoughts really feel good when you ponder them and are really worth staying with and allowing momentum to parlay them into more and more detail.

And some thoughts feel uncomfortable, and you really don’t want to stay with them and allow Law of Attraction and momentum to parlay them into more specific detail for you."

- Abraham Hicks

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