In Your Enthusiasm

"In your enthusiasm for what´s over there, you have exaggerated your relationship to being over there!

In other words, when something SO WONDERFUL is over there, you can´t help but notice that you´re over here, and not over there, where it is.

And so we want you to soften, or blur that distinction between where you are, and where you are going.

As we visit with people about scripting,as we visit with them about seeing things as they want them to be...

there is a fine line between beating the drum of how you want it to be-and having the backlash of just showing yourself, that you´re not over there, yet.

You can TRUST, that everything that you lived has made a magnificent vibrational escrow.

And you can TRUST, that LoA is calling you towards it.

You are doing extremely well!

And we are not wanting to put a damper on your enthusiasm for life AT ALL.

But we DO want you to act less, and think more.

And we do want you to think less, and feel more!

And we do want you to try less, and allow more.

We do want you to TRUST more.

We want you to RELAX more, 

in the KNOWING of this magnificent stuff.

And, we gotta tell you-

that in relaxed expectation, there is much more powerful orgasm whether you are talking about the physical one, or whether you talk about the one that comes when all manifestation begins rendezvousing.

All of this stuff is the same stuff!

In other words, when points light up for you, and you see it and you see it and you see it-

THAT´s the way life is supposed to be!

It´s not a frenzy!

It´s this SUREFOOTED, earth-turning-in-it´s-orbit-WELLBEING ABOUNDING ALWAYS- FOR YOU- way of going about it.

Abraham Hicks

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