You Came To Create

"You did not come to serve, you came to create...and to SHINE.

You have, as a Source Energy being, established a vibrational point of attraction that is pure and powerful and we are calling it the CORE THAT IS YOU,

YOUR CORE GRID so to speak.

It is the basis of that which is you. 

And when you find a thought, and they are easy to find, that cause you to LINE UP WITH THAT CORE GRID, 

then the energy of all that you have become RADIATES through you in this moment and your power of influence, your power of perspective,  your power of clarity, your point of attraction is enhanced in ways that defy Esther's ability to find verbal description.

The leverage of alignment is a leverage worth understanding and working for. 

The leverage of alignment. 

The leverage of lining up with THE CORE GRID,of all that you have become and using that alignment, that leverage, that power, that clarity, that vitality, that flexibility, that eagerness, that zest for life....

allowing it to flow through you here and now in this moment for the upliftment of you, for the upliftment of anyone who is in your vicinity, for the upliftment of all that is and for the reveling in life in the way that you intended to revel in life. 

You did not come to serve, you came to create. 

You cannot create without serving but you got to get it clear what you are doing and why you are doing it.

You came to RADIATE the fullness of who you are and when you pinch yourself off from the fullness of who you are, and you become needy and jealous, you become needy and shortage conscious, then you begin acting so squirrely...

that's Jerry's word...squirrely. (...)

We want you to be aware that the fullness of who you are is lurking nearby and that you could, with far less effort that it takes to learn a computer program,you could tune in to the fullness of who you are and you could benefit by the leverage that flows through you.

But, it is not that only you benefit, 

EVERYONE who comes to know you benefit because when your LIGHT SHINES, it is not only you who has fun. 

Everyone in the vibrational vicinity of you does, too."

Abraham Hicks

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