The Condition Is Just A Vibrational Indicator

"If you can think, regardless of the condition, a thought that puts you in the Vortex, the condition has to change. And you know why? Because the condition, only, and ever, and always, is a vibrational indicator. The conditions, the reality, whatever they are, the money, the relationships, the bodily conditions, every condition is a manifestational indicator of vibration.

And when you can disregard the reality, when you can disregard those indicators, by directing your thoughts to things that cause you to feel good, by directing your thoughts to things that align you with the Source that is REALLY you, by directing your thoughts to the whole of who you are, to the solution rather than the problem, to the answer rather than the question, when you THINK regardless of the condition, you’re living unconditional love, you go into the Vortex and then, oh! Then what happens is, your condition has to change. Because, remember, it was an indicator of your vibration.

And when you’re in the Vortex, your vibration matches your desire, not what’s gone wrong. Your vibration matches the solution, no longer the problem. Your vibration matches the answer, no longer the question. You see how it works?"

- Abraham Hicks

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