Boom Boom Boom

" Often you think that you want to launch the desire and you want to get it. Boom. Boom. Boom. 

I want to know what I want, I want to want it, 

I want to launch it, I want to line up, and I want to get it. 

We say, yes you do and we want that for you, 

we want that for you, we want that for you...

...but we LOVE the process of life. 

We love the process, the delicious process of choosing, 

and the delicious process of launching the rocket, 

and the delicious process of knowing that you're not keenly in alignment with it ,or maybe not even close to it. 

And then the process of deliberately lining up with it.

And then the conscious awareness of following your impulses, 

that intuition, 

that feeling of flow, 

that feeling of empowerment, 

that feeling of walking on air, 

that feeling of knowing you can do no wrong, 

that feeling of all things working out for you. 

And THEN, the manifestation! "

Abraham Hicks

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