The Power of Your Influence

"As we talk about selfishness, as we talk about service, we want you to understand that everyone is connected to this Source Energy. Every single one.

So then the question must be “Well, if they’re already connected and some of them aren’t letting them in then what role do I play in being a catalyst that helps them to better let it in?”

And we say the answer is not feeling sorry for them. And the answer is not calling them forgotten.

And the answer is not trying to fix something that’s broken.

The answer is feeling the alignment as it flows through you and holding them as your object of attention at the same time.

It’s acknowledging their blessedness.

It’s acknowledging their right place, right timeness.

And really, it’s about not trying to work out their path of least resistance.

Because you can’t. It’s about just making sure that you are tending to yours."

Abraham Hicks.

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