You Are So Free

"You are individuals here in this physical experience, with a partnership that we can't even BEGIN to define in an accurate way for you!

Everyone who you've ever known, everyone who you've ever revered, everyone who you've ever felt interest in, as they reemerged into NP even before, because their inner beings are also interested in you, are focused with you here and now.

You have a back-up system that is the reason for your happiness.

It is not of the conditions that are surrounding you. 

It is because of the choosing of a vibrational frequency that allows the alignment,

that allows the happiness, you see...

Happiness must be your goal! Joy must be your goal!

This triad of intentions that you were born, as Freedom, and Growth and Joy,

all equally balanced and all equally important and all equally practiced and all equally accomplished.

You are SO FREE , you can choose bondage!

You are so free that you can choose not to feel free!

THAT's freedom!

YOU are SO FREE that you can choose to be free or not to be free.

Because no one can think your thoughts, no one can ensue the vibration for you!

NO ONE can accomplish your point of attraction.

No one can be the reason that things are coming to you, only you!

THAT'S freedom.

That's utter, constant steady neverending freedom!

FREEDOM, the BASIS of your experience.

And expansion."

Abraham Hicks

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