Gratitude Makes It Happen

“That vibration of appreciation is an emotion that you can get to easily. You’re calling it gratitude, we prefer appreciation, it doesn’t really matter. Can you acknowledge that you don’t need something to specifically be in the moment appreciating to feel appreciation. That you can actually feel it before it comes ? That’s the key. … Read more

Let It Flow With Ease

“There’s a cheque book game. Where you deposit a thousand dollars into your account, vibrational dollars, and you spend that thousand dollars ( mentally.) On the second day you deposit two thousand, and spend them. On the third day you deposit three thousand, and spend them. On the three hundred and sixty fifth day you … Read more

Focus On The Why

“To focus on the why is just more general. If you think about what you want and why you want it. “I want it because I’ll feel good,” But when you talk about where it’s gonna come from and when it’s gonna come and who’s gonna bring it …. When you ask questions that you … Read more

Chill A Little More

“The only time that you want to strive for more specifics is when you know you’re feeling good. So when you’re feeling good, talk about it, dream about it, gather information about it, put things in your book of positive aspects about it, get specific when you’re feeling good. But when you’re not feeling good, … Read more