It’s Already Yours

“That’s what trips you up. Your determination to manifest something rather than be satisfied with the feeling of it is what slows everything down. Look with determination to find pleasure and appreciation in what is. You’re not doing any of those things that do not keep you in alignment. You’re not complaining. You’re not fussing. … Read more

Decide To Feel Good

“The manifestation that isn’t perfect often for most people keeps them from creating a manifestation that is perfect. But it doesn’t have to. Because the contrast, in the not perfect manifestation is the beginning of the improvement. You can be as happy or as miserable as you decide to be in any moment. Those are … Read more

How Do You Get The Missing Piece ?

“How you get the missing piece is by not focusing on the piece that’s missing. How you get the missing piece is by focusing on the pieces that aren’t missing. Or how you get the missing specific piece is by focusing on other aspects of your life that give you that same feeling of satisfaction.”  – Abraham … Read more

Train Yourself Into Fun

“Something has made you believe that it’s your job to get in the middle of everything, even things you don’t don’t understand and you know what ( we love you so much 😆  ) ……. you don’t understand hardly anything ! It’s not your job to know how law of attraction works. It’s only your job … Read more