Get Unstuck

“Sometimes we hear you say “I’m stuck” and we say “No you’re not stuck, because you cannot stand still. You cannot stop emitting a vibration, so it is not possible you are stuck. Instead what is happening is, that you are creating the same thing over and over again. It’s changing but it’s changing to the same thing. … Read more

Let It Be Easier

“We want to say to you, and we don’t want to hurt your feelings or insult you in any way, but this is so much easier than you’re letting it be. Because the laws of the universe are bringing your desires to a place. All you’ve got to do is be happy long enough, that … Read more

Your Path

“The call of Source in its purest form, when you are close enough in vibrational proximity to really feel it, feels like joy, it feels like passion, it feels like eagerness, it feels like love, it feels like appreciation, it feels like wellbeing, it feels like yippying and yahooing all the way down the canyon. … Read more