You Want To Be Happy

“You wanna be HAPPY. And if you will stop attaching the WHY you are happy to the things you think you need to manifest before you can BE happy, and discover that you can focus yourself into being happy anyway…. THEN… THEN the manifestation MUST come! OF COURSE it´s about manifestation! OF COURSE it´s about being … Read more

Why You Came

“We want, very much, for you to come to the conscious knowing that you are Creators and that what a Creator is is one who focuses Energy. We want you to come to feel the oneness of your physical perspective, and your Nonphysical Perspective. We want you to FEEL the fun and the clarity and … Read more

The Key

 “We are wanting to, as creators, offer a vibration that matches our desire rather than offering our vibration that matches our observation. That’s really the key, isn’t it? We call it Setting the Tone. Offering the vibration that is in harmony with what you want rather than offering the vibration that is in harmony with … Read more